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M.X. #1


M.X. #1 is a proprietary blend of bacteria, nutrients and washing agents. The product is effective in removing oil stains in a relatively short period of time (normally within hours). After removal from the surface, M.X. #1 quickly biodegrades the displaced contaminants.


For applications on oil spills where there is heavy accumulation of oil and grease, M.X. #1 should be sprayed or poured over the affected area and allowed to remain for 5 minutes. Then flush away the oil and grease using any power flushing device that would create heavy agitation. Flush until clean.




Understanding Bacteria-Enzyme Action

Equipment Cleaning:

M.X. #1 will effectively homogenize and solubilize grease and oil accumulations on all surfaces and make all run-off waste biodegradable.

Storage Tanks:

M.X. #1 removes oil and mud accumulations, including mastic grease, on interior and exterior walls of tanks, without affecting metal, rubber, or plastic. It can also be used for bilge cleaning. Grease and mud particles will no longer adhere to one another and are completel bio-degradable. As little as 15 gallons will emulsify approximately 50 gallons of heavy oil and mud.


M.X. #1 is a concentrate and may be diluted as much as 8 to 1 with water. However, on direct oil spills, the material should be used full strength.


Waterways, dock areas, refineries, papermills, marinas, coal mining, construction, equipment cleaning, manufacturing plants, transportation, utilities, sewage treatment or anywhere the waste contamination of water and hydrocarbons are a problem.

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